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  • High luminosity true color LED illumination
  • Modular concept enables individual components to be motorized
  • Easily acquire multi-color fluorescence images

The BX53 microscope’s ergonomic design helps you stay comfortable during extended periods of use while the intuitive control layout enables fast, efficient observation and imaging. Optimized for laboratory applications, true color LED illumination has a high luminosity and color rendering index so you can see samples in true-to-life colors.

High Luminosity True Color LED Illumination

With an LED illuminator equivalent in brightness to a 100 W halogen lamp, the BX53 microscope delivers outstanding brightness that’s ideal for teaching and polarized light applications.

Designed for Pathology and Cytology

– Clearly view purple, cyan, and pink dyes
– Consistent color temperature; don’t waste time adjusting color filters
– 50,000 hour use life

Maintain Brightness when Changing Magnifications

  The Light Intensity Manager eliminates the step of adjusting lamp brightness when changing magnification, so you can complete your observations quickly and with reduced eye strain



Quick Magnification Change with Motorized Functionality

 Easily change objectives with a motorized nosepiece. Position the hand switch near the focus handle to control the nosepiece without taking your eyes off the specimen.



Suitable for Cellular Tissue Observation / LPLN40X


This objective is ideal for imaging thick, clear samples, even at 40X magnification.The LPLN40X is equipped with a correction collar so users can adjust the spherical aberration caused   by differences in cover glass thickness to get clear images.


Stay Comfortable While You Work

The most ergonomic position differs from person to person, so it’s important that the microscope can accommodate each user down to the millimeter. Our ergonomic observation tubes enable you to adjust the inclination angle, extend the tube, and adjust the tube’s height.


Our most ergonomic option, the excellent ergonomic tube, moves up and down, tilts, and extends forward and back so you can move it closer to you.  It’s      great for labs where multiple users share a microscope since each can adjust it to accommodate their height and posture.

Tilting Trinocular Tube

  The tilting trinocular tube is designed for users who want the flexibility of
an ergonomic component but need to attach a camera to their
microscope. Attach the optical path switch to either side of the tube to accommodate both left- and right-handed users.


Tilting Binocular Tubes that Meet Your Needs

  Choose from cost-effective models to tubes for erect image observation and eyepoint adjusters that accommodate users of different heights.



Comfortable, Easy-to-Use Stage

Rackless Stage

– Rackless, wire-driven design with no teeth in the gear helps minimize injuries

– Mechanical stages are coated with a durable ceramic for abrasion resistance

Keep Your Hands on the Desk

– Keep your arms resting on the desk with the stage handle extender- Mount a rubber cap to the handle to control the stage with minimal force

Efficient Image Capture

Easily Acquire High-Quality Images with cellSens Software

– Simple layout improves the efficiency of your workflow, from novice to expert- All image acquisition

Save Microscopy Data via Coded Units

 BX3 series microscopes include an optional coded nosepiece and mirror turret modules.

–  Automatically record and share microscope magnification and setting information for post-imaging treatments

–  The metadata is automatically sent to Olympus’ cellSens software packages, helping minimize mistakes and scaling errors

Hand Switch for Image Capture

  Mount the remote exposure knob on either side of the microscope to acquire images at the touch of a button without having to look at the monitor or use the mouse.



Capture Digital Images without Using a PC via the DP22 Camera

– Observe, measure, and acquire images without using a PC- Precise color reproduction and smooth live images – Display your specimen on a monitor and capture images for reports  and conferences

Designed to Meet Expanding Needs

Research microscopy is about more than just the microscope — each investigation requires a unique setup. Our BX3 series microscopes are customizable with modular hardware and software. Choose the components you need for your research application, or start with a base system that can grow with your research.


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