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  • Easy operation: the Lmb alcolmeter A 500 is microprocessor-controlled and fully automatic. This means: very simple and minimal training time.
  • Fast accurate analysis: through the fuel cell sensor. This ensures the device a high, stable life and guarantees a safe determination of the alcohol content.
  • Easy to read display: the alcohol level is displayed on a large, illuminated display.
  • Last result stored: the result of the last test can be called again, even if the device was switched off in the meantime.
  • Cheap mouthpieces: individually packed hygienically
  • Real demonstration possible: the alcolmeter A 500 can be used for fast checks. It is also useful for the real detection of alcohol – police equipment.
  • Security during calibration: by means of a hidden key combination
  • Ergonomic design: adapts to the hand, is very light and can be worn in the breast pocket or the belt inconspicuously (ideal dimensions for the police use).
  • Alcohol sensor: the device works with the Lion fuel cell sensor, with its high safety when measuring alcohol and a long stable life
  • Analytical alcohol measurement: unaffected by acetone, steams, food, drugs, drugs, sweeteners, methane and most other non-alcoholic substances in human breath
  • Atemprobe: the alcolmeter A 500 automatically takes a sample of the air of the lower lung area. An optional manual removal can be activated on request
  • Time to Result: normally the result is within 30 seconds, with a test result of zero after 5 seconds
  • Time to standby: approximately 100 seconds at 0.50 mg / l
  • Power Supply: Two AA cells provide sufficient energy for about 400 breath tests. Two-stage warning system with low battery level.
  • Software: various software settings can be made by LMB through an external PC and the Config 500, such as alcohol units, blood-breath ratio, auto-off time, required breathing volume
  • Display: LCD graphics, dimensions 45 x 21 mm, 128 x 64 pixels, with backlighting
  • Acoustic warning: indicates the status of the device in addition to the display
  • Memory: the last test result is saved for recall
  • Disposable mouthpiece: simple disposable pressure tube
  • RFI certification: complies with EN 50081-1: 1992 (Emission) and EN 50082-1. 1997 (immunity to interference)
  • Vibration and meets IEC 68-2-27 Part 2.1 Test EA and IEC 68-2-6 Part 2.1
  • Shocks: Test FC




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