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• Accurate weighing and mixing of collected blood
• Wireless data transfer (CDM software)
• Versatile configuration
• Interchangeable clamping module
• Barcode scanner
• Large capacity battery pack for portable use
• Anti-scratch robust engineering plastic housing
• Visual/audible alarms


Smart Data Management System

• All the collection data including up to 1,000 donor information are saved in the internal device
memory of CM750 main unit. Each data consists of 30 information fields.
• Data can be transferred by a USB memory stick or via wireless data link (CDM).
• One CDM network can group 18 units. A supervisor can monitor and control real-time operation
of up to 18 units. Donor data, collection data, alarm status, device settings are real-time
managed by a computer.
• Data format is available in .txt (text file) and .csv (general spreadsheet file).
Users can manage data with a spreadsheet program. Microsoft Excel© is recommended.
• Device settings in the network can be managed as all or separately.

* Compatible with CM760

High User Customizability

• CM750 is designed to satisfy various operating conditions in professional demands.
Users can adjust most operational setting including target collection volumes, alarm levels and
on/off, tray moving speed and even specific gravity of blood.
• Centron R&D Lab offers customization support to meet your specific operation requirements.

Interchangeable Clamping Module

• Clamping module clamps blood bag tubing when collected blood volume reaches user-selected
preset volume. Also clamping module is detachable, so this can be mounted either left or right
for user convenience.

Barcode Scanner

• Barcode scanners read most of standard barcode labels including blood bank-specified
ISBT128 code.
• Centron R&D Lab is ready for customized solution.

Large Capacity Battery

• For portable or outdoor use, the large capacity BN126A battery pack
(rechargeable & replaceable) is available. The pack supports up to 10 hours
of operation without AC mains.
• BN126A battery pack is charged through the main unit or BC163 fast battery charger.

Adjustable operational parameters & various visual/audible alarms

• Collection target volume, alarm triggering criteria, beep sound on/off and tray rocking speed
are user adjustable.
• Alarm lamp flashing is visible from a distance.




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