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GrossPath GP-1500



GrossPath – the special worktable designed to ensure a pollutionfree, laboratory-grade working environment for slicing and preparing histological slide preparations. Its compact design makes the GrossPath Special Worktable the perfect laboratory equipment, especially for small facilities.

As a product of our ECOline range, this worktable has been designed with a special view to conserving energy and resources – while delivering outstanding results.

Plug in and work: thanks to its large active-carbon air recirculation system, the GrossPath Special Worktable is ready for immediate use – no need for installing a costly separate air ventilation system! The air is suction-extracted off the entire work surface from top to bottom – for optimized removal of any health-hazardous vapors. Formalin concentrations will even be significantly below the maximum allowable concentrations (MAC) throughout the entire extraction zone. Long service life guaranteed thanks to the GrossPath‘s large-sized special active-carbon filter – for significant savings in operating costs. Filters can be replaced with ease and comfort through a large inspection hatch in the table‘s understructure.

Main features of our GrossPath GP-1500:
Structure completely made of stainless steel
Stationary lighting assembly providing “daylight quality” conditions
Railing system for easy installation of variety of holders or brackets e.g. camera tripod or magnifying glass with embedded light
ready for immediate use without seperate air ventilation system
designed with a special view to conserving energy and resources
easy installation – plug in and work!
many accessories available


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