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HettCube 400R



The HettCube 400 provides optimum growth conditions for cultures and has a low environmental impact. This innovative incubator only heats when necessary. At an operating temperature of +37 °C it consumes only 0.043 kWh. This not only saves energy, it also reduces operating costs.

The HettCube range combines the advantages of natural and forced convection. The fan of the HettCube 400 is housed outside of the usable space, so that air flow is reduced. The incubator is heated through radiated heat so that the cells in the incubator are protected against desiccation. The precise temperature control ensures stable temperatures and a uniform distribution of heat.

The novel ventilation system makes the incubator very quiet in use. Personnel are not exposed to high noise levels from the incubator when they are working.

The well-designed airflow system, combined with optimal insulation, means that no inner door is required. Loading and unloading the incubator is therefore easier.

HettCube incubators are available in different capacities – with internal volumes of 150 litres, 310 litres and 520 litres  – in each case with and without cooling.

An overview of all models and the extensive range of accessories is provided in our brochure.


The incubator is easy to load and unload thanks to a number of design features:

  • Ergonomic operating and information panel
  • Rounded grips on shelves
  • Practical one-hand operation thanks to automatic closing mechanism: At an opening angle below 90° the incubator door closes automatically thanks to a magnetic mechanism
  • All optional trays and drawers have telescopic rails and can be pulled out to 70%
  • The internal lining and fittings of stainless steel are easy to remove and clean




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