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Hettich Cyto system


Every Hettich benchtop centrifuge is also a Cyto centrifuge

New solutions and proven standards

Cytologists have valued the Hettich Cyto System for many years, because of the high cell yield and the high quality of the preparations. The quality of the preparation is a decisive factor for its evaluation under the microscope.

In addition to the classical 4-place, 6-place and 8-place rotors, Hettich has now introduced two 12-place cyto rotors – one open and one closed. This completes the range of cyto products. The accessories tailored to the particular application are also offered as a complete package. Benefit from our packages for cerebrospinal fluid (csf) and urine cytology!

Cytological labs that wish to use methods other than the proven Hettich ones (such as those using the Shandon® * cyto centrifuge) can now also use Hettich lab centrifuges. There is no need to acquire a special cyto centrifuge. The new 12-place cyto rotors fit in the bench-top centrifuge models ROTOFIX 32 A and UNIVERSAL 320 and their predecessors. They can be fitted and removed very easily without the need for tools.

Economical, time-saving and efficient – the Hettich Cyto system

The versatile Cyto system from Hettich is a valuable support for applications in cytological diagnostics and offers a number of advantages:

  • Low purchase costs: The Hettich Cyto system fits every benchtop centrifuge from Hettich. The carriers are easy to swap over and make a conventional centrifuge into a Cyto one.
  • Easy assembly: The different Cyto inserts are simple and quick to fit.
  • Time savings: With the new 12-place rotors up to 12 samples can be centrifuged in a single run.The large-volume Cyto chambers allow centrifugation of 8 ml or 2 x 8 ml sample quantities. This dispenses with the need for the extra cell enrichment step in many cases.
  • Optimum cell yield: If a two-step method is used, then no cells are lost during the sedimentation procedure as the Cyto chamber lies against the microscope slide. Drying is carried out in a second centrifugation step once the cells already adhere to the microscope slide.
  • Dry or moist preparations can be derived as required: Subsequent staining is then very easy.




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