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Security, transparency and flexibility in the documentation of data

The need for documentation of procedures in laboratories is increasing all the time. All data relating to the various manufacturing processes must be documented precisely and rationally. Guidelines on Quality Assurance and the precise documentation of production activities and processes are an integral part of Good Manufacturing Practice.

The volume of paperwork for laboratories is increasing continuously. HettInfo provides support for the documentation of data and thus the use of a quality management system that meets GMP requirements.

For example, the production of blood bags according to GMP guidelines is an application which must meet stringent requirements. The results must also be reproducible. The manufacturing process must be monitored by personnel and a large volume of process data must be logged.

HettInfo allows these requirements to be satisfied rationally and reliably. The data documentation system reliably records all centrifugation data. It therefore makes an important contribution to Quality Assurance.

Greater transparency and less work for documentation of data

HettInfo takes care of all data logging and substantially reduces the volume of paperwork. This provides an improved overview and greater transparency in the documentation of data.

The system comprises modules that can be combined with one another and can be readily adapted to the number of centrifuges required. Up to 29 centrifuges and three packroom units can be integrated into the network – which is reliable and not susceptible to interference. The network can be readily managed by a computer. Distributors that can be ordered with the centrifuges are supplied already assembled by Hettich, depending on the number involved. The system is connected via robust fibre-optic cables that are also supplied.

HettInfo: Our contribution to Quality Assurance

HettInfo records all centrifugation data. The user can select or de-select parameters such as the date, length of centrifugation run, the program number and temperature.

If barcode kits are used, then the barcodes of blood bags and users can be optionally logged. In addition, the system automatically stores the results of every run with all logged data. This saves time and manual procedures. Centrifugation runs that are unsatisfactory can be identified more easily. Modern back-up systems provide data security.

HettInfo allows all data to be integrated into databases without difficulty. This rational approach ensures that higher-level databases are up to date. The collected data is backed up in CSV format at a storage location of choice. The complex and costly programming of the interface is thereby avoided.

Ready connection of centrifuges to the system

Any Hettich centrifuge with an S or C control panel can be connected to HettInfo through an online kit.

The ROTO SILENTA 630 RS and ROTIXA 50 RS centrifuges can be retrofitted to enable connection to HettInfo. Thus you can start documenting your data at any time.




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