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Blood products of highest quality
  • Red cells – low hemolysis achieved by precise flow control
  • Plasma – cell free due to the optical sensor system
  • Thrombocytes – high recovery
  • Possible inline filtration application
Process integration and operation
  • Use of a clear and well-arranged colour touchscreen
  • Program and separation animation available for easy understanding of the process
  • LAN data transfer, integrated data storage and management, live process monitoring
  • Conversion gram to milliliter
Precise separation of blood components
  • Quick blood separation process and high recovery of thrombocytes
  • Precise treatment of all Top/Top and Top/Bottom processes
  • CRYO application and thrombocytes from Buffy Coat and PRP
  • Adaptive colormatic sensor system for best possible distinction between red cells, thrombocytes and plasma
  • Precise mechanics for long endurance


Application features
  • Blood separation on two places at the same time
  • For the separation on an industrial scale
  • Distance diagnosis and operation integrated – Possibility of remote maintenance, diagnosis and repair worldwide
  • Self-adjusting sealing heads for any tube material or bag system
  • Adaptive optical sensors for all different types of plasma, blood components and tube material
  • LAN data transfer, network capability, integrated data storage and management, data connection
  • Color touchscreen with intuitive user navigation
  • Flow regulation for low hemolysis rates
  • Possible to adjust for “Baby blood bags” due to the double dual press system
  • Open system for each type of blood bag
  • Freely programmable application processes
  • 6 balances for whole blood, plasma, red cells and buffy coat (8 optional)
  • Ergonomic design for your operating cycle
  • Automatic pressing of air out of the plasma bag (option)
  • Integrated side balances, can be used as laboratory balances
  • Price and room advantage, as two devices are integrated in one housing
  • Barcode reader connectable




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