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Mikromatic is a new device to complete our range of products for blood separation. As a simple plasma extractor it was upgraded by an automatic clamping function to standardize separation results and facilitate working processes for simple plasma extractions. Various options can be added according to the special needs and demand of the blood bank to enhance the functionality of Mikromatic.
  • Stable, functional and appealing housing.
  • Bag holder with universal support for all types of bags on the market. Preventing damage to the edges of the bag during separation. Providing possibilities for easier valve breaking.
  • User friendly system with acoustic and visual alarms. Intuitional and comfortable usage without any training procedures.
  • Effective fast and leak free clamping.
    Ensures separation without red cell contamination.
  • Both automatic and manual clamping modes.
  • Highly sensitive sensor system ensures a precise separation.
    • Tandem power supply. More than one device can be interconnected




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