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1. Unique Defrost Cycle
2. Uniformity with Forced Air Circulation
3. Efficient and Powerful Refrigeration System
4. Safety and Alarm Features
5. CFC-Free Refrigerant and Insulation
6. Design Versatility
7. (Optional) Roll-out Drawers


Large Capacity Laboratory Refrigerator

The MPR-1411 is a large capacity laboratory refrigerator, which offers a stable and reliable environment for carrying out clinical, pharmaceutical and industrial research at uniform temperatures. A user friendly design and flexible temperature range allows for application in various laboratory procedures, including chromatography and pharmaceutical storage.


EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS 56.7″ x 32.7″ x 76.8″ (1440 x 830 x 1950 mm)
INTERNAL DIMENSIONS 52.0″ x 28.0″ x 59.1″ (1320 x 710 x 1500 mm)
EFFECTIVE CAPACITY 48.2 cu.ft (1364 L )
INSULATION HCFC-free rigid foamed-in-place polyurethane
SHELVES 8 x polyethylene-coated wire shelves. Max. load: 50 kg / shelf
ACCESS PORT 3 locations, 30 mm diameter (both sides, cabinet top)
COOLING METHOD Forced air circulation with double fan
COMPRESSOR Hermetic type, Output; 250 W
EVAPORATOR Fin tube type
DEFROSTING Forced type (cycle defrost system), fully automatic hot pipe for automatical evaporation for drain water
TEMPERATURE CONTROL RANGE Thermistor sensor; Temp. control range: 2 °C to 14 °C (ambient temp. – 5 °C to 0 °C no-load) 2 °C to 23 °C (ambient temp. 0 °C to 35 °C no-load) (1 °C step)
ALARMS High Temperature set range, low temperature , 0ºC alarm, Door alarm, remote alarm
NET WEIGHT 547 lbs (248 kg)
DOOR LOCK 2 x cylinder lock
TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEM Microprocessor controlled on / off type.
AREA FOOTPRINT 12.46 sq.ft. (1.16 m2)
DATA MANAGEMENT Optional with LabAlert
SOUND LEVEL 42/48 dB (A scale)
EVAPORATOR Fin and tube type




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