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1. Superb Temperature Uniformity with Forced Air Refrigerator Circulation
2. Separate Refrigeration Systems for Refrigerator and Freezer
3. Microprocessor Controls
4. Sample Security Design
5. Temperature Controls and Sensors
6. Validatable Storage


Clinical Combo Refrigerator/Freezer

With the growing emphasis on proper storage of laboratory and pharmaceutical materials, Panasonic’s MPR-414F-PA refrigerator with freezer combines high performance refrigeration control and monitoring systems with energy efficient and cost-effective cabinet design. Separate refrigeration systems and compressors allow you to maintain proper temperature uniformity while saving space for even the smallest of facilities.


EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS 31.5″ x 23.6″ x 71.1″ (800 mm W x 600 mm D x 1805 mm H)
INTERNAL DIMENSIONS 28.3″ x 19.5″ x 56.1″ (720 mm W x 495 mm D x 1425 mm H) – Refrigerator | 12.5″ x 17.3″ x 22.7″ (317 mm W x 440 mm D x 576 mm H)-Freezer
EFFECTIVE CAPACITY 340 L (Refrigerator), 82 L (Freezer)
INSULATION Rigid polyurethane foamed-in place
SHELVES Refrigerator: Hard steel wire with PE coating 3 x large, 2 x small; Load capacity: 25kg / large 15kg / small ; Freezer: Hard steel wire with PE coating 1 shelf; Load capacity: 15kg / shelf
ACCESS PORT Inner diameter: 30 mm, 2 ports on the back side (refrigerator, freezer)
COMPRESSOR Hermetic type 160W x 2
EVAPORATOR Fin and tube type (refrigerator), Tube on sheet type (Freezer)
REFRIGERANT R-134a (Refrigerator), R-407D (Freezer)
TEMPERATURE CONTROL RANGE 2ºC~+14ºC (Refrigerator); -35ºC~-15ºC (Freezer)
ALARMS High temp. alarm, Low temp. alarm, Power failure alarm, Door alarm, Over-heat protector (Refrigerator), Over-cool protector (Refrigerator) Key lock, Thermal sensor abnormality, Circuit breaker (acts as power switch as well)
NET WEIGHT 126 kg (277 lbs)
TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEM Microprocessor Control System
AREA FOOTPRINT 7.93 sq.ft. (0.74 m2)
DATA MANAGEMENT Optional with LabAlert System
SOUND LEVEL 39 dB (A scale)




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