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Potassium Adsorption Filter


Potassium Adsorption Filter
~Reducing Risk of Hyperkalemia and Making Safer Blood
  • Adsorption and removal of excessive potassium from packed red blood cells with SAG-M preservative solution (RBC-SAGM) that have been irradiated and/or stored for a long period of time
  • Intended patients: fetuses, premature infants, neonates, infants who are receiving exchange transfusions or extracorporeal circulation treatments or patients who urgently need rapid and massive blood transfusion to safe their life
  • Effects an exchange of excessive potassium ions (K+) with sodium ions (Na+) in RBC-SAGM
  • When dealing with human RBC-SAGM containing potassium concentration of 30 to 50mEq/L, at least 80% of the potassium is removed
    The small volume: flow rate of less than 30mL/min.
    The large volume: flow rate of less than 50mL/min.




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