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Rotina 380 Robotic


The ROTINA 380 Robotic is an air-cooled centrifuge with PC control and rotor positioning.

It reliably and safely centrifuges microtitre plates and racks for blood collection tubes. Automatic sample processing in plate format is particularly important in research. The ROTINA 380 Robotic is the perfect complement to the widely used liquid handling robots.

The ROTINA 380 Robotic is ideally suited for setting up an automated workstation for routine clinical diagnostics. It can carry out special tasks, such as the centrifugation of STAT samples. The routine workflow therefore does not have to be interrupted when emergency samples are delivered. This relieves the load, particularly at peak times when large numbers of samples have to be processed within the shortest possible time.

ROTINA 380 Robotic centrifuges can be integrated into automated workstations. We can also manufacture special carriers and inserts that are tailored to the robot.




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