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SD – 400



  • Alcohol sensor: the device works with the Lion fuel cell sensor, with its high safety when measuring alcohol and a long stable life
  • Analytical alcohol measurement: unaffected by acetone, steams, food, drugs, drugs, sweeteners, methane and most other non-alcoholic substances in human breath.
  • Atemprobe: the alcolmeter SD-400 automatically takes a sample of the air of the lower lung area. An optional manual removal can be activated on request
  • Measuring range: 0.02 to 2.00 mg / l BrAC / AAK or 0.005 to 0.400% BAC / BAK. A warning when the range is exceeded is output at higher alcohol values
  • Power supply: 5 x 1.5V ‘Mignon’ cells; Also available are a 12V autonet and a rechargeable battery with a charger
  • Power consumption: with continuous operation over 3000 tests can be carried out with each set of new Mignon batteries (at temperatures above 10 ° C). Visual and audible warning signals alert the battery status to a two-stage warning system.
  • Acoustic warning: indicates the status of the device in addition to the display
  • Mouthpiece: simple cheap disposable pressure tube
  • On-board memory: stores the time and date of each measured value – or a refusal of the subject (internal battery supplies the memory with the battery change with current); Up to 150 records
  • Data transfer: to the PC possible (with ‘SD-400-Soft’ software (available on request), for statistical analysis and management purposes
  • Interface to the printer: to form a mobile, non-secure unit. Completely in water-proof carrying bag, with mouthpiece compartment and ulterriemen.
  • Sensor heating: The sensor warms up automatically at low outside temperatures.
  • Calibration: using an alcohol gas with a standard value – like the AlcoCal calibration gas. Monthly checks are recommended. The setting of the calibration, which runs completely software supervised, must only be carried out every 6 months
  • Radio interference suppression: the device is shielded against interference by radio transmitters, it meets the requirements of the standard EN 50082-1 ​​(immuno-radio waves in the range 26MHz-1000MHz at 10V / m field strength and with 80% modulated 1 KHz signal).




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