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SureSeal™SE160 is designed in consideration of multi tube sealing environment.
It provides an ideal space-efficient solution.


• Premium sealing quality – new wide sealing technology
• Multi tube sealer set up – automatic sequential sealing
• Variable sealing distance : 70mm – 90mm (5mm interval)
• Simple operation, fast sealing, no warm-up required
• Automatic tubing detection
• LED indicator to show sealing progress
• Applicable to wide range of blood bag tubing
• Head protector / Splash guard for user safety

SureSeal™SE160 is AC powered benchtop tube sealer with integrated sealing head and
optional sealing hand unit. New sealing technology and enforced reliability make SE160 ideal
for most demanding environments.


New state-of-the-art sealing head

• New sealing technology ensures safe sealing of even thick and sensitive tubings with wide
sealed surface.
• With automatic tubing detection, sealing will automatically start when tubing is placed in the
sealing head.
• Semitransparent head protector for safe and easy operation (detachable, easy to clean)
• Applicable tubing diameter 2-6mm (1/4”)

* Splash guard
– protects users from accidental blood splash
– Detachable, easy to clean

* Indication lamp
– shows sealing progress

* Wide sealed surface with notch at the center
– Reliable sealing quality prevents leakage
– Easy to segment

Sealing hand unit ready

• Additional plug-in type SureSeal™ sealing hand unit
• Ergonomic design with standard 1.8m (6ft) cable
• Satisfying various operating conditions




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