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Innovation Sepamatic SL
  • Adaptive sensors
  • Three-sided access to bag hanging
  • Removal of air bubbles from  plasma bag
For clean separation of blood components
Operates with centrifugated blood collection bags placed behind the front glass where the components are pressed and separated into small bags.
  • Triple press system
  • Clean cellfree separation
  • LAN Data transfer
  • Open software with multiple functions
  • Flow control system
  • Softfilter press system


  • Easy handling
  • Easy installation of new blood bag systems
  • Adaptive sensors in the sealing clamps
  • LAN – Ethernet data transfer
  • WLAN data transfer
  • Balances for whole blood, plasma, red cells and buffy coat
  • Donation ID-System
  • Individual application of different blood bags
  • All applications possible
  • Barcode reader
  • Smart label technology
  • Easy connection to local PC network
  • Data collection and data management software
  • Use of different blood bag systems
  • Up to 5 bags are treated in one process
  • 4 Balances
  • Triple press system
  • Top & Top and Top & Bottom Process
  • Plasma filtering by special softfilter




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