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Color and Monochrome Camera

The XC10-IR is ideal for the entire range of fluorescent dyes, including those emitting in the near-IR region such as CY5 and CY7, increasingly chosen for their low phototoxicity, superior image quality, fast frame rates and long integration times are then further extending this 1.4 megapixel CCD camera features. With 14 bits resolution all the different intensities are faithfully represented, both in color and in monochrome mode. 15 frames per second are represented in full resolution, ensuring quick and smooth panning and focusing of the sample. In case more speed is needed this number can be dramatically increased by applying any of the available modes. Peltier cooling ensures images rich in detail and contrast with extraordinarily low noise. Extremely long exposure times up to 160 seconds can be set. This means that the camera can be used to detect signals of weak intensity as is the case in usual fluorescence.

The XC10-IR is not for clinical diagnostic use.




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