Telstar BiOptima Series, our newest range of high quality Class I & Class II Biological Safety Cabinets ensures the highest level of protection for operator, product and environment, minimizing ha


Telstar BiOptima Series, our newest range of high quality Class I & Class II Biological Safety Cabinets ensures the highest level of protection for operator, product and environment, minimizing hazards inherent to working with agents assigned to biosafety levels 1, 2 and 3. This series has been designed according to the highest standards of quality, biological safety, reliability, ergonomics and usability and meets the latest customer requirements such as low energy consumption and low sound level.


Ergonomic design

At Telstar we strongly belief that on the comfort when using a BSC. With BiOptima, a user centered cabinet has
been developed. Standard features are designed to offer maximum comfort and make cabinet very easy to use.
• External armrest. Ergonomic epoxy coated stainless plate arm rest contributes to the comfortable working
position of the operator.
• 7° sloped front window for ergonomic work position of the operator. With predefined working, open and
close position.
• Electric driven laminated safety glass front window.
• Diffused and dimmable LED lighting for visual comfort.
• High working Area. (666 mm)
• Side glass.
• Intuitive user interface.
• Superior Laminarity
• Low Operation cost
• Ergonomic lighting is positioned outside the work area. This does not disturb the downflow, nor create
inconvenient shades, nor create obstructions during cleaning.
• User-friendly LCD control panel, positioned at an angle, showing the operator all relevant functions and
alarms at a glance.
Easy to clean
BiOptima cabinet characteristics make the cleaning of the working area extremely easy
• Hinged front glass for backside access that allow complete opening of front window from easy access to
all points in the working area. Additionally it will facilitate entering large equipment into the main cabinet
• One piece inner chamber – Standard equipped with Stainless Steel chamber with rounded corners, allowing
easy cleaning.
• Segmented working trays.
• The drip tray underneath the worktop collects spilled liquids up to 4 Litres, preventing these liquids from
entering parts of the cabinet that are difficult to clean.
Easy to service & decontaminate
• G3 Pre-filter prevents dust, dirt and particles entering the HEPA filters, tremendously increasing HEPA filter
lifetime. Build-in pre-filter for extended HEPA filters life. (Up to 7 years)
• Innovative, unique and patented 4F System (Fast, Friendly and eFFicient) to replace the downflow filter: the
filter is easily accessible from the front of the cabinet using a unique fast tightening/untightening device,
reducing the time required to replace the filter within five minutes.
• All technical parts are easy accessible from the front of the cabinet HEPA filter quick release 4F system
• Easy to upgrade
• Ready for accessory installation
Advanced safety features
Characteristics of BiOptima make it exceed the EN 12469 standards.
• Replaceable CG screen for the best laminarity
• Dedicated exhaust fan and speed sensor
• High Efficiency EC fans (EBM-PAPST)
• TÜV Nord Certification for 4, 6 (According EN-12469) and Cyto 4, (According Din 12980)
• V-shape inflow grille provides superior safety by preventing blocking the inflow and contamination from the
operator’s sleeves
• Side glass for process supervision and better lighting
• Negative pressure in sides
• Controlled airflow


TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS  units BiOptima Cyto 4 BiOptima Cyto 6
External dimensions  (WxDxH) mm 1338x820x2212 1948x820x2212
Internal dimensions  (WxDxH) mm 1190x548x666  1800x548x666
Weight Kg 285 380
Laminar flow speed / laminar flow rate m/s m³/h  0.35  0.35
Front entry air speed / extraction flow rate m/s m³/h 0.60 (510)  0.65 (773)
Power W 283 420
Voltage (others available upon request) V 230 230
Frequency  Hz 50 50
Lighting  Lux ≥ 1000 ≥ 1000
Sound dBA 60 60
Vibration mm RMS  < 0.005  < 0.005
Filters Pre Filter  G3 G3
  Donwflow Hepa Filter H14  H14
  1ST Hepa Filter H14 H14
  Exhaust HEPA Filter H14 H14
Air Quality    ISO 4 in accordance with ISO CD 14644-1: 353 part. ≥ 0.5 μm/m3 ; 10000 part. ≥ 0.1 μm/m3