BIOBEAM GM BIOBEAM GM 2000, BIOBEAM GM 3000, BIOBEAM GM 8000 The BIOBEAM GM Series gamma irradiators are used in transfusion medicine for convenient and effective irradiation of blood, blood component



The BIOBEAM GM Series gamma irradiators are used in transfusion medicine for convenient and effective irradiation of blood, blood components and transplants, as well as in research.
A comprehensive range of accessories is available for all device types.
In our assortment we carry irradiation containers, removal aids and inserts as well as barcode readers and printers for the documentation of the irradiation process.

Maximum Performance
The particularly large irradiation volume of the model BIOBEAM GM 8000 allows the irradiation of up to 20 blood bags in a single irradiation process.
The BIOBEAM GM 8000 model has two positions for irradiation containers. Narrower radiation containers are placed closer to the radiation source, which reduces the irradiation time.

Optimal Homogeneity
The oscillation of the radiation source allows an optimal dose distribution within the total irradiation volume. A dose difference of less than 10% can be realized by using special irradiation inserts.

The operation of the BIOBEAM GM devices is comfortable and takes place exclusively via a touch screen. This allows the direct selection of irradiation programs in a simple manner. At the same time, BIOBEAM GM recognizes the irradiation container used and checks that it complies with the selected irradiation program. The touch screen enables the user to track all data and information related to the irradiation process.

Radiation Protection
The self-shielding irradiation devices BIOBEAM GM have a surface dose rate of less than 3 μSv / h.

Maximum Security
The safety features guarantee the highest level of safety, such as the monitoring system that controls and controls the irradiation time, the oscillation of the radiation source, the rotation of the irradiation container, the position of the triangular shield and the closure of the irradiation container.

Flexible Extension
BIOBEAM GM offers a variety of optional enhancements to adapt to the specific needs and needs of the customer:

  • Inserts for specific radiation tasks,
  • PC system with BB GM PRO software, barcode scanner and printer for convenient irradiation documentation,
  • Connection to a blood bank software for an optional network interface,
  • Worktable with integrated fridge


  • Key Switch
  • Irradiation cycle in progress continues for up to 30min, in case of power failure
  • Removal of the irradiation load also in case of system failure
  • Interdependent locking of loading hatch and irradiation chamber
  • Monitoring and control irradiation parameters
  • Self- check of the irradiation unit before and during the irradiation procedure
  • The BIOBEAM GM computer system continually saves all data relevant to the irradiation process

Technical Data