Top-Loading Portable Autoclave Panasonic Healthcare Sterilizer Autoclave Port 75L MLS-3781L is one of the many qualities laboratory and scientific products we have to offer at very competitive pricing


Top-Loading Portable Autoclave

Panasonic Healthcare Sterilizer Autoclave Port 75L MLS-3781L is one of the many qualities laboratory and scientific products we have to offer at very competitive pricing. Panasonic Healthcare Sterilizer Autoclave Port 75L MLS-3781L / 97002-404 is part of a wide selection of Panasonic Healthcare Steam autoclaves or sterilizers. Combining excellent quality with an affordable price, the Panasonic Healthcare Sterilizer Autoclave Port 75L MLS-3781L / 97002-404 can meet your scientific research needs while still offering a good value for a budget conscious end user. If you have any questions about any of our Steam autoclaves or sterilizers, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service for further guidance. Space-efficient portable autoclaves provide a convenient alternative to using a centralized building autoclave for sterilizing media and instruments. These units are designed for individual lab use and can be conveniently wheeled from one lab to another. Model 97002-402/ (50L) SE-VW-MLS-3751L has a low enough profile to be stored under a lab bench when not in use. Both autoclaves feature a total of 12 preset programs to choose from on a simple-to-operate control panel with LED temperature and timer indicators. Programs are grouped by four functions – sterilizing, sterilizing/keep warm, melting/keep warm, instrument sterilizing – with three variations each. Despite the compact outer dimensions of these autoclaves, they can hold eight (50L 97002-402/SE-VW-MLS-3751L) or 12 (75L 97002-404/SE-VW-MLS-3781L) 1L flasks. To ensure safety, the swing-up autoclave door remains locked when pressure or temperature is high. Other safety features include an insulated pressure valve, over-temperature limiter, short circuit breaker, and scorch-prevention function. Autoclaves are made with heat-insulating resin coating, rounded corners, top-mounted control panel, clip-on drainage hose, exhaust tank that is easy to fill and empty, and lever locking system. Sterilizing temperature is controlled by the microprocessor to within 2°C of the set temperature in the 115 to 135°C (239 to 275°F) range. Prerecorded voice messages announce each step of the process. Integrated cool-down fan decreases waiting time to access sterilized contents. Air vent control can be set to allow automatic release after sterilizing is complete. Wire baskets are stackable with no protrusions on the outer surface. Each basket holds four 1L flasks or two 50-tube racks. Each perforated bucket holds a 3L flask. Perforated bucket 14236-054 is stackable. Waste materials can be put directly into solid buckets for sterilization. Both perforated and solid buckets have a handle and a smooth inner surface to prevent sterilization bags from tearing. image


Ergonomic Design – Portable and Freestanding

Improved compact design allows for flexible placement, while the large chamber offers capacity of up to 8-12 flasks (1L).

Programmable Functions

These lab autoclaves allow maximum flexibility for the sterilization of laboratory equipment and media. Select from 12 preset programs or configure your own based on individual facility needs.

Microprocessor Control

The state-of-the-art microprocessor delivers precise temperature control (115°C-135°C) with one-touch operation. It also notifies user of each step of the sterilization process via prerecorded voice messages.

Compact Design

This space-saving autoclave maximizes the use of available floor space, while still providing ample capacity for storage within the 14.6′ chamber. The large chamber offers greater capacity with a storing example load of 8-12 1,000 ml flasks.

Processor Voice Notification

This lab sterilizer includes voice notification of the system process. Each step of the process is notified via a prerecorded voice message, allowing the end user to hear the process as it is happening.

Optional Process Printer

An optional built-in process printer for bath documentation is available. The printer prints out the process run results of temperature, pressure, vs. time. Each printout is date and time stamped.

Swing-Up Lid

The swing-up lid opens the chamber for 100% access. It eliminates side space requirements.

Double Interlocking Structure

To ensure the safe operation of the high temperature, high-pressure lab autoclave, the chamber and the open/close level are controlled by a double interlock system. This system is dependent on temperature and pressure sensors, which ensure safety levels before opening the autoclave.


Type: Floor standing
Capacity: 75l
Suitable for liquids? : Yes
User programmable: Yes
Loading: Top
Autofill: No
Vacuum air removal: No
Number of chambers: 1
Heat source required: No
Chamber shape: Round
Usable width: 0mm
Usable height: 630mm
Usable depth: 0mm
Usable diameter: 670mm
Heating method: Electric (in chamber)
Max run temperature: 135°C
Automatic door opening: No
Sliding door: No
Temperature and pressure gauges included: Yes
Data output: Optional – see accessories
Disinfection type: Steam
Assisted air cooling: Yes
Suitable for laboratory use: Yes
Suitable for dental use: No
Suitable for medical use: No
Suitable for beauty/tattoo use: No